few things fail the wise;
for Odhrærir
is now come up
to men’s earthly dwellings
-Hávamál (108), Thorpe’s Translation

Óðrœrir is a fully downloadable journal dedicated to developing, fostering, and distributing scholastic literature solely regarding the reconstruction of the various pre-Christian religious traditions and cultures of Northern Europe.

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Odroerir Journal on Medievalist.net

Well this is exciting…and we´re slow on the uptake.

It seems that our journal, and particularly our contributor John Wills´article on Symbel has ended up being promoted by Medievalists.net on their website.

Congrats to John. We are quite proud!

If you have not yet read his article, you can do so here or go you can find it in Volume 2 in our Publications section!   Drinking Horn

Volume 2 Is Out!


Odroerir Heathen Journal Issue Two
Odroerir Heathen Journal Issue Two

Issue 2: Heathen: Linguistic Origins Establishing the Innangarð Cult and Identity in Modern Heathenry Symbel Frankish Tree Sido Finnish Tradition Two Yule Rituals Poetry Short Stories and More!

Date:April 2, 2012
10.4 MiB

It’s a Man!

It's a Man!



With the imminent release of a 200 page journal full of reconstructionist themed material, we figured we would kick things off with a little humor. Recon Wendol!.

Óðrœrir Interviews Wardruna!

With Wardruna’s new album on the horizon, Josh Rood decided to contact the man behind the project, Einar Selvik to answer some questions for the Heathen community!  The entire interview can be read in our brand new “Media” section right here on our website.

Wardruna Interview

Poetry and Prose Submissions!

Óðrœrir needs your help!

We are already hard at work on our next issue! As promised, we will be expanding the journal to include new sections and to cover some of the topics that you voted for at our facebook. Included in this expansion will be sections on daily living, which will include topics on Brewing, and will include recipes from renowned brewers on both mead and beer, a prose and poetry section featuring an article aimed to teach the use of different Norse alliterative verse techniques, and very special submissions concerning particular (Non-Germanic) forms of North European Heathenry. Hint hint hint…wait and see what they are!

But now we need your help!

While Óðrœrir is intended to be a journal which helps to compile, preserve and promote literature which helps individuals and groups looking to reconstruct “heathen” cultures, we also believe it is important to compile, preserve, and promote the art which develops and blossoms out of these traditions, and subsequently reflect them.

We are looking for quality submissions that reflect the heathen outlook and lifestyle. This includes prose works, in the form of poetry or short stories, but we would also like to see poetry in any of the Germanic Alliterative forms such as fornyrðislag, ljóðaháttr,dróttkvætt etc.

Poetry Submission guidelines:
Please include the poetic form that you are using at the top of your submission, as well as the name you wish to go by, and the title of the poem. You can give background to the poem if you want in 1 or 2 paragraphs, but specify whether or not you want the background information to be published. Poetry length can be anywhere under 1000 words.

Prose Guidelines:
Please include the title of the work, as well as the name you wish to go by. You can give background to the work if you wish, in 1 or 2 paragraphs, but specify whether or not you want the background information to be published. Prose length should be under 3000 words but we may make exceptions. We just don’t want to receive books.

Visual art will be addressed in an upcoming update!

We will take our two or three favorites from the above mentioned submissions, and include them in our next issue!

Our deadline is January 1st so don’t delay!

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