Month: August 2014

The Tale of Ashlad and Redfoks

ONCE ON A TIME there was a king who ruled a newly settled farmstead.  He had many hundred sheep, many hundred goats, many hundred cattle, and many hundred horses he had too.  Silver and gold he had in great heaps. But for all of that, he was so given to grief that he seldom ever

A Snake Story

It was a nice warm early fall day and I was basking on top of Rattlesnake Mountain. It’s one of the easier climbs in the state, something you could do in a few hours and then still make it to the party you had to go to later that day. Or something like that anyway.

Winter Full Moon Bede

Hear, I tell men | to honor the gods the far famed ones | favor to good men high holy powers | our people’s providence   I pray the One-Eyed god | hail the Gallows-Burden Father of Hosts | God of the Hanged words I give | for Raven god’s weal   Hail heaven’s warder

The Wild Hunt-Matt Walk

When the days have waned shorter and shadows grown long And the geese have come singing their wintertime song When the moon lights the sky like a great silver pearl The furious host sees its banner unfurl and with thundering hooves and the baying of hounds the dead rise from within their old burial mounds

Mannaz- Jill Evans

Written in Fornyrðislag Between Earth And Asgard Philosophy And religion Between science And sorcery I find Self And solace. Community And countrymen Prosperity Or poverty Whether fit Or feeble This is Midgard. We are Mannaz.

Tiwaz- Jill Evans

Written in Dróttkvœtt Dedicated to my friends and relatives who have served or are serving in the Armed Forces. For seldom seen soldiers Sacrifice felt back home. Twice Tiwaz carved for you. Tyr I call twice for all. Young men battled Jotuns Yesterday flew away. Ready today’s rally Roar victoriously Towheaded tot waiting Tiny lad

Ottar’s Tribute- Jon Cyr

Fornyrðislag This poem was presented to a local group of heathens by Jon Cyr along with the great Icelandic sheep that sired his flock.  The sheep was sacrificed in blót and this poem was dedicated to him.  His horns were fashioned into drinking horns that are used only for ceremony purpose. Curling and wide, His

Skald Craft: Understanding and Writing Poetry in the Old Norse Meters

Introduction There have been many approaches to the study of Old Norse Poetry.  Modern academia has spent an exhaustive amount of effort in identifying metrical patterns and trends within the lines of the voluminous collected works.  They have asserted sometimes arguable theories varying from simple to complex and from mundane to fantastic.  However (un)interesting the

Perkunas (Lithuanian Style Mead)-Jon Talkington

Jon Talkington brews for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware.  He’s also a 16 year home brewer and has a passion for making mead.  His beers and meads have been used in heathen rituals in the Northeast United States for years. Perkunas is my take on Lithuanian style mead or ‘Midus’. Traditionally these meads were

Oaky Smokey Porter-Jon Talkington

Jon Talkington brews for Dogfish Head Craft Brewery in Delaware.  He’s also a 16 year home brewer and has a passion for making mead.  His beers and meads have been used in heathen rituals in the Northeast United States for years. Oaky Smokey Porter is my annual Yule feast beer and is meant to be

Maibock Beer- Mark Andersen

Mark Andersen is a beer lover and home brewer currently residing in the New England area.  He has a passion for visiting historical breweries in the United States and Europe and investigating different brewing techniques.  In the winter of 2006 I started brewing my annual Maibock beer to be served at our kindred’s May Day

Beer and Brewing Culture Through the Eyes of a New England Heathen

Back in the mid 90’s, almost a decade before I converted to Asatru, I took up the hobby of home brewing.  Back then, my knowledge of beer in general was very limited, home brewing technology and ingredients weren’t nearly at the level they are today, and not that many people were home brewing. Undaunted and

Some Animal Imagery in Anglian Heathenry

The purpose of this article is to take a brief look at the idea of animal imagery as a representation of and a connection to the Otherworld.  During the 5th to 7th centuries the Germanic settlers of England produced a large amount of artwork depicting animals and mythic beasts, these pieces give us an insight

Tree Cults in Frankish Heathenism

Heathendom can be understood as an interwoven web of relationships that are formed between both individuals within a community and communities with each other, whether of men or holy powers, which express the heathen worldview. These relationships may take any number of forms from gifting, group rituals and all other modes of symmetrical or asymmetrical

Symbel: The Heathen Drinking Ritual?

If there is one thing that links all Heathen practice it is the early medieval drinking ritual “symbel” also known as “sumble”. This tradition is lifted straight from the pages of Beowulf, The Eddas and other Germanic poetry and is a ritual that equally unites and divides the various flavours of modern Heathenry whilst remaining

Establishing the Innengard

As modern heathens who have dedicated our lives to reestablishing the pre-Christian traditions of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we know how important the concept of heathen worldview is.  It’s well understood that in order to develop practices that are rooted in ancient heathen religion, we need to be able to understand and adopt the outlook

“Heathen”: The Linguistic Origins and Early Context

The modern English word heathen has long been the favorite label used in academic circles to identify the unchristian peoples of western and northern Europe during the Middle Ages.  Among medieval historians it is used more precisely to identify those “Germanic”[1] peoples who still practiced their indigenous religion.  It has also been the title most

Reconstructionism in Modern Heathenism: An Introduction

Over the course of the last decade, the term “reconstructionism”[1] has surged forward as part of a very real movement within American heathenry[2].  The axiom of this movement has been a shift towards an approach that is quite different from those previously advocated in most mainstream circles, and it is helping to redefine and reshape

Days in Midgard: A Thousand Years On-Modern Legends Based on Northern Myth

Title: Days in Midgard: A Thousand Years On-Modern Legends Based on Northern Myth Author: Stephen Abell Genre: Mythology Publisher: Outskirts Press Release Date: 2008 Format: Paperback Pages: 284 Source: 9781432719944 If you like Norse Mythology, you will enjoy this book, and for reasons that might surprise you. These modern legends bring your favorite gods into

The Poetic Edda: The Mythological Poems

Title: The Poetic Edda: The Mythological Poems Author: Henry Adams Bellows Genre: Mythology Publisher: Dover Publications Release Date: 2004 Format: Paperback, Kindle Pages: 288 Source: 9780486437101 The vibrant Old Norse poems in this 13th-century collection recapture the ancient oral traditions of the Norsemen. These mythological poems include the Voluspo, one of the broadest literary conceptions of the