Month: October 2014

“First Asatru tem­ple in 900 years?”

Mem­bers of the Asatru so­ci­ety are hope­ful that con­struc­tion will com­mence soon on the build­ing of a "hof" or a  tem­ple build­ing in Öskjuhlíð, Reyk­javik. The build­ing has al­ready been de­signed by ar­chi­tect Mag­nús Jens­son but a build­ing li­cence has not yet been awarded due to sev­eral re­marks and changes to the de­sign, ac­cord­ing to

“Coast Guard gives WWII vet a Viking funeral at sea”

Originally Published By Meghann Meyers and “Navy Times”.  Click here to read original. The Coast Guard carries out dozens of burials at sea in a given year, but one World War II veteran got a unique farewell. On Sept. 29, Station Atlantic City fulfilled the final wishes of service veteran Andrew Haines, a New Jersey