few things fail the wise;
for Odroerir
is now come up
to men’s earthly dwellings
-Hávamál (108), Thorpe’s Translation

Odroerir: Heathen Journal  is a fully downloadable journal dedicated to developing, fostering, and distributing scholastic literature regarding the various pre-Christian religious traditions and cultures of Northern Europe, not only how they were, but how they are being reconstructed today.

Heathenism, and paganism in general is experiencing a resurgence of interest and popularity today.  It is our firm belief that in order for these traditions to be completely viable in a modern setting, understanding and implementing them must be achieved via a thorough understanding of their original context.  We recognize that it can be very difficult to navigate the “sea of literature” on heathenism on the web and to distinguish good, current scholarship from outdated or poor work. Thus, Odroerir’s goal is to bridge the gap between academic knowledge of ancient heathen religion and the implementation and reconstruction of traditions today.

To achieve this goal, our articles are peer reviewed by academics specializing in the field of Old Norse Religion to make sure that arguments and information on modern or historical heathenism are sound and in line with ‘what we know’ of historical heathenism, and to help contributors find new sources that might be of value for their articles.

Articles describing modern practices are careful to distinguish themselves from historical heathenism, and do not extend the validity of described rituals or customs beyond that of the group in a given article.

In addition to our own publications, we provide an online library of articles, books, and video lectures by current, relevant scholars specializing in the subjects at hand, as well as links to external resources such as academic databases and journals.

We also are happy to host content regarding artwork, recipes, ritual and holiday descriptions, and even pop culture and current events.  We believe that just because an article cannot be written about an upcoming album, or a wonderful short story, that doesn’t make these any less important.  We believe our site should have room to showcase the expressions that heathenism has taken in the modern world and how it inspires people and communities.

We hope to be a credible resource that people, both new and experienced, who are interested in Heathen religion new and old can look to and count on.