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An Island in the Middle of An Island: On cult, laws and authority in Viking Age Gotland.

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Myrberg 2009 An Island In The Middle-libre
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Date:September 12, 2014
The present-day small village of Roma on Gotland in the Baltic Sea was the 
physical and symbolic centre of the island in the Iron Age and into Medieval times. Te Cistercian monastery and the meeting place of the island’s assembly, the all-thing, two well-known features of medieval Roma, have often been taken as indications of an egalitarian and non-stratified society on Gotland during the Viking Age and Middle Ages. It is here proposed, however,that an older Iron Age cult site at Roma eventually came under the control of a chieftain or major landowner who introduced Christianity, founded a monastery and inaugurated the thing in Roma in Viking or early medieval times, just as his equals did elsewhere in Scandinavia. While the later medieval thing was probably located near the monastery, an alternative site is suggested for the older

Originally Published:

From Ephesos to Dalecarlia. Refections on Body, Space and Time in Medieval and Early Modern Europe. The Museum of National Antiquities, Stockholm. Studies 11. Stockholm Studies in Archaeology 48. Stockholm.

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