Tuesday, October 17, 2017

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Murder and Vengeance Among the Gods


John Lindow’s 1997 book Murder and Vengeance Among the Gods is another attempt at interpreting the meaning and background of the Baldr myth. The book has been split up into 6 main chapters, with 5 of them outlining the entire process of Baldr’s life, death, funeral, attempted retrieval, vengeance and reconciliation respectively. The first chapter […]

Gudarnas platser: Förkristna sakrala ortnamn i Mälarlandskapen


Swedish scholar Per Vikstrand’s book Gudarnas platser is a Ph.D. thesis in Nordic languages, published in 2001. The book is part of a larger project aimed at mapping all Swedish place names in a larger atlas. Even though the book has an overwhelmingly linguistic approach, Vikstrand begins his study by discussing the different aspects of […]