Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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The Imperative Way


This paper addresses a category of archaeological remains or monuments called “field labyrinths”. These monuments are often described as “mysterious” monuments since little is known about when or why they were created, and what their inherent meaning is or was. Although they seem to have been connected to ritual, cult and superstition, older Scandinavian written […]

An Island in the Middle of An Island: On cult, laws and authority in Viking Age Gotland.


The present-day small village of Roma on Gotland in the Baltic Sea was the physical and symbolic centre of the island in the Iron Age and into Medieval times. Te Cistercian monastery and the meeting place of the island’s assembly, the all-thing, two well-known features of medieval Roma, have often been taken as indications of an egalitarian and non-stratified society […]

Burning Down the House Mythological Chaos and World Order on Gotlandic Picture Stones.


The Gotlandic picture stone monuments of the oldest type constitute a material manifestation of a “concept” which basically deals with world order and balance, from the single picture to the monument as a whole. This concept is detectable in myths, sagas and material culture alike. Only by paying more attention to the female agents of […]