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Establishing the Innengard

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As modern heathens who have dedicated our lives to reestablishing the pre-Christian traditions of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we know how important the concept of heathen worldview is.  It’s well understood that in order to develop practices that are rooted in ancient heathen religion, we need to be able to understand and adopt the outlook […]

“Heathen”: The Linguistic Origins and Early Context

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The modern English word heathen has long been the favorite label used in academic circles to identify the unchristian peoples of western and northern Europe during the Middle Ages.  Among medieval historians it is used more precisely to identify those “Germanic”[1] peoples who still practiced their indigenous religion.  It has also been the title most […]

Sacred Groves in Germanic and Scandinavian Heathenry: An Introduction and One Family’s Experience

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It was about two years ago that my wife and I moved into our new home. Prior to that, I made an oath that within one year of us moving in, a godpole would be carved and erected on the property we were looking at. I am happy to say that since then, a godpole […]

Reconstructionism in Modern Heathenism: An Introduction

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Over the course of the last decade, the term “reconstructionism”[1] has surged forward as part of a very real movement within American heathenry[2].  The axiom of this movement has been a shift towards an approach that is quite different from those previously advocated in most mainstream circles, and it is helping to redefine and reshape […]

A Springtime Procession: Reconstructing an Ancient Practice for Today’s Heathen

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The price of inaction is far greater than the cost of making a mistake. —Meister Eckhart  As a heathen, I pondered for many years the question of how to reconstruct old or construct new practices for today In Chapter 40 of his Germania,[1] Tacitus tells of a number of Germanic tribes who shared a common […]

Women in Heathenry: What We Find Beyond the Literature

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Many times the fictitious tales of the sagas conflict with the surviving legal codes and archaeological evidence giving us a hazy picture of reality for women in historical heathenry.  This does not mean we put away the stories of heroic women and erase them from our lore.  Just because there is a conflict between the […]

The Finnish Tradition: An Introduction

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 Table of Contents World View The Cosmic Gods Haltija: ‘The Invisible Nature’ Ukko-Ilmarinen: the Ruler of Wind, Rain, and Thunder Heavenly Bodies: the Sun and the Moon Water Spirits Fire Spirits Land Spirits Forest Spirits Spirits of the House and Farm Field Spirits  Emuu and Animal Beliefs Beer, the Heavenly King of the Forest Sacred […]

Feeding the Wolf: The Theme of Restraint, and its Lack, in the Mythology of Fenrir

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“I am reluctant to have this band put on me. But rather than that you question my courage, let someone put his hand in my mouth as a pledge that this is done in good faith. But all the Æsir looked at each other and found themselves in a dilemma and all refused to offer […]