Wednesday, October 18, 2017


Lokrur, Lóðurr and Late Evidence


In the previous issue of RMN Newsletter, Frog had some interesting things to say about Þrymskviða and rímur poetry in late medieval Iceland. I think the idea of identifying common themes and stylistic features in rímur and eddic poems is a promising one and I look forаard to readТng more about Frog‘s research in this […]

Gods of High Places and Deep Romantic Chasms: Introductory remarks to a study of the landscape situation of Bronze Age sacriicial sites in the Lake Mälaren area


“This paper outlines work in progress with the Bronze Age sacriicial sites of the Lake Mälaren provinces in Sweden. The project’s goals are twofold: a) to understand the landscape rules behind the siting of deposits, and thereby b) to develop predictive model that would allow scholars to ind undisturbed Bronze Age deposits without the aid of farmers, dredgers […]

The Convergence of Paganism and Christianity


“In the north of Europe, conversion was not a simple replacement of the old pagan religion with Christian belief; rather, a convergence of two living world views took place, creating for at least several centuries a composite with strong ties to the pagan past.” Originally Published: 31st International Congress on Medieval StudiesKalamazoo, Michigan 1996 Deborah […]

The Ship in the Field

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“The Vanir have been a topic addressed in previous issues of RMN Newsletter. The present article will carry this discussion into the field of archaeology, asking whether there is a connection between the Vanir and the stone ships and boat burials that dot the landscape of the pre-Christian North Germanic cultural sphere.” Originally Published: (2011). […]

Rich and Powerful: The Image of the Female Deity in Migration Age Scandinavia


“In the archeological sources that we have for the first millenium, there is no shortage of depictions of the human figure in the Germanic areas of Western and Northern Europe. The breadth of material ranges from carved wooden figures to metal figurines, cast figures on brooches and pendants, imprinted realisations in precious metal such as […]