Thursday, October 19, 2017


Hof, Halls, Goðar and Dwarves: An Examination of Ritual Space in the Pagan Icelandic Hall


An investigation into the Icelandic hall and farmhouse and it’s role and potential transformation into a sacred space during specific ritual times. Originally Published: (2001). Cosmos. 17:1 (June 2001) Terry Gunnell:

Season of the Dísir: Winternights and the Dísablót in Early Medieval Scandinavian Belief


The purpose of this article is to analyse the nature and role of two ancient Scandinavian festivals which are connected to certain female spirits known as the Dísir, one of which is connected with the start of winter (“The Winter Nights”) and the other to the beginning of the spring.  First of all, however, a […]