Thursday, October 19, 2017

Rituals and Customs

The Ship in the Field

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“The Vanir have been a topic addressed in previous issues of RMN Newsletter. The present article will carry this discussion into the field of archaeology, asking whether there is a connection between the Vanir and the stone ships and boat burials that dot the landscape of the pre-Christian North Germanic cultural sphere.” Originally Published: (2011). […]

Grýla, Grýlur, “Groleks” and Skeklers: Medieval Disguise Traditions in the North Atlantic?


“One of the oldest Icelandic folk traditions- if not the oldest- is that connected with the figure of Grýla, the hideously ugly, ever-ravenous mother of the Icelandic Jólasveinar (Christmas Lads) In modern day Iceland, Grýla is well-known to all young children.  Along with the dreaded jólaköttur (Christmas Cat).  She annually strikes terror in the hearts […]