Thursday, September 21, 2017

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The Mania of the Time: Falconry and Bird Brooches at Uppåkra and Beyond


…The bird brooches have been interpreted as ravens, with connotations to Odin’s ravens, Huginn and Muninn.  They could also be understood as representations of birds of prey.  Within the field of archaeology dealing with the finds in question there is caution about attributing the pictorial images to any species.  The question is whether it at […]

Texts and Contexts of the Oldest Runic Inscriptions

The Religion of the Vikings


What will be outlined here are the religious beliefs and rituals of the Scandinavians in the eighth to the eleventh centuries including those who went for trade, plunder or settlement abroad, that is, the ‘vikings’ properly speaking. Some among them were already Christians but the vast majority of the population still clung to their traditional religion. From a modern […]

Myth and Ritual in Pre-Christian Scandinavian Landscape


I grew up in the forest region of northern Sweden. As a young boy, an old female relative of mine, an aunt to my father, told me now and then of her encounters with the ‘small people’ when she was herding cattle as a herdess at the seter in the forests, especially of the beautiful […]

How Uniform Was the Old Norse religion?


One often gets the impression from handbooks on Old Norse culture and religion that the pagan religion that was supposed to have been in existence all over pre-Christian Scandinavia and Iceland was rather homogeneous. Due to the lack of written sources, it becomes difficult to say whether the ‘religion’ — or rather mythology, eschatology, and […]

Changing Customs: Reflections on Grave Gifts, Burial Practices and Burial Rituals during Period III of the Bronze Age in Southeast Scania


This study of grave dating from Period III of Bronze Age in southeast Scania discusses a limited number of graves, and the problems associated with the various approaches are highlighted, followed by a series of more or less speculative thoughts relating to burial practices and the significance of grave gifts.  The graves are interpreted as […]

The Grave as a Doorway to the Other World: Architectural Religious Symbolism in Iron Age Graves in Scandinavia


During the last twenty years, the category ‘grave’ has been the subject of increasing debate in Swedish archaeology. It has been recognized that monuments commonly regarded as graves are sometimes also found in cultic contexts other than those associated with death and burial. In many cases, for instance, monuments similar to graves have been erected […]

Jul, disting och förkyrklig tideräkning Kalendrar och kalendariska riter i det förkristna Norden