Changing Customs: Reflections on Grave Gifts, Burial Practices and Burial Rituals during Period III of the Bronze Age in Southeast Scania

September 6, 2014

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Jennbert Chaning Custom MLUM 1992pdf-libre
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Date:August 14, 2014
This study of grave dating from Period III of Bronze Age in southeast Scania discusses a limited number of graves, and the problems associated with the various approaches are highlighted, followed by a series of more or less speculative thoughts relating to burial practices and the significance of grave gifts.  The graves are interpreted as an expression for one life’s “rites de passage”, where the belief in death exhibits an interaction between religious belief, moral concepts and social conditions through burial practices and grave gifts.  A form of religious syncretism is probably reflected in variable burial practices, in which different elements in the grave are believed to have their own rhythm.

Originally Published:
(1992). Meddelanden från Lunds universitets historiska museum. L. Larsson (ed.). Lunds universitet: Arkeologiska institutionen..

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