Odroerir started out as a project involving many different people from many different backgrounds.  Each article submitted belongs to the author, whom we are grateful and indebted to.

Odroerir: The Heathen Journal

Editing and Review

Arngrímur Vídalín: PhD Candidate. University of Iceland.

Josh Rood: MA. University of Iceland.

Mathias Nordvig: PhD. University of Aarhus.

Stephen Pollington

Website Host and Design
Pauline Labelle: MSc.  University of Edinburgh.

Site Artwork
Dan Oropallo

Reformatting From the Original Journal
Sigurlaug Lilja Jónasdóttir

Additionally it took many volunteers who helped to edit and help clean up the articles for re release and we are eternally grateful to all of you.  If you feel you deserve to be mentioned, please contact us.