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Ritual Space. Ritual Year. Ritual Gender: A View of the Old Norse and New Icelandic Ritual Year

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FYLGI R  Ritual Space Ritual Year
FYLGI R Ritual Space Ritual Year
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Date:September 8, 2014
The roots of this paper go back in part to a short chapter I was recently asked to write fora  book about Iceland in the present day.  In the chapter in question, which dealt with modern day Icelandic festivals, I underlined the importance of the sense of family for Icelandic society, and not least the indirect sense that Icelanders have of the entire nation being one large family.  Indeed this last feature has recently been given firm, formal support by the appearance of the web of a geneological database called Íslendigabók, where Icelanders can see exactly how closely related they are to their friends and colleagues…..

Originally Published:
(2005). First International Conference of the Sief Working Group on The Ritual Year: In Association with the Department of Maltese University of Malta, Junior College MSIDA, Malta.
Proccedings: Malta, March 20-24. P.E.G.

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