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Season of the Dísir: Winternights and the Dísablót in Early Medieval Scandinavian Belief

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Season of the Dísir
Season of the Dísir
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Author:Terry Gunnell
Date:August 14, 2014

Terry Gunnell

The purpose of this article is to analyse the nature and role of two ancient Scandinavian festivals which are connected to certain female spirits known as the Dísir, one of which is connected with the start of winter (“The Winter Nights”) and the other to the beginning of the spring.  First of all, however, a few words need to be said about the nature of the source material, and the system of festivals of which the so-called “Dísablót” formed part….

Originally Published:
(2000) Cosmos. 16:2.

Terry Gunnell:

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