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Skírnir’s Other Journey: The Riddle of Gleipnir

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Mitchell 2000 Skirnir Gleipnir-libre
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Date:August 14, 2014
För scírnis-the eddic poem in which Freyr acquires Gerðr as a mate through the help of Skírnir, his skóveinn ´messanger´-plays a central role in our understanding of early nordic culture. So much so, in fact, that a great body of secondary literature has developed around it, encompassing virtually all theoreteical approaches to myth: Solar, ritual, interpretatio christiana, structuralist, and other contemporary mythological stances…So important is this narrative and its interpretation to our understanding of Norse mythology, in fact, that it has generally overshadowed the role Skírnir plays in another journey, when, according to Snorra Edda, he is sent to acquire a bond capable of holding Fenrir, after the first two chains the gods have employed fail to hold the monster.

Originally Published:
Gudar på jorden. Festskrift till Lars Lönnroth, Stockholm: Brutus Östlings Bokförlag Symposion, 2000, pp. 67-75.

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