Snake brooches of south Scandinavia Ørsnes types L1, L2, J and H3

September 2, 2014

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Date:August 14, 2014
“This is a study of south Scandinavian snake brooches, i.e. brooches of Mogens Ørsnes’s (1966) types L1 (S-shaped
plate brooches), L2 (snake or ribbon-bow shaped plate brooches), J (oval plate brooches) and H3 (epaulet-shaped
plate brooches). A database of 270 brooches, most from metal detector sites in south Scandinavia and most
studied personally by the author, is the material base of the investigation. The brooches’ typology, chronology,
function, social significance, technological characteristics (primary and secondary), production sites, typological
innovation process, interregional variation and ideological connotations are studied and interpreted. Unique
brooches and import pieces are also described and discussed.”

Originally Published:
2003. Fler fynd i centrum. Materialstudier i och kring Upp­åkra. University of Lund.

Marting Rundkvist: