Thursday, October 19, 2017

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines

((See below for format guidelines))

Odroerir: The Heathen Journal accepts and encourages a variety of submissions for publication.   Submissions must be related to Heathenism.  We define “Heathenism” as the pre-Christian religion of Northern Europe prior to conversion, most commonly among the Germanic people at that time as well as it’s modern uses, manifestations, and revival today.  Submissions may be creative (recipes, crafting, prose, artwork, poetry), academic, or documentary (providing insight on historical heathenism, OR explaining how historical heathenism is being reconstructed today, and or describing rituals and holdiays).  We do not accept articles of a political nature, as we consider this poor scholarship.  Please clarify you are submitting an article to be published by Odroerir: Heathen Journal, or if you are allowing us to host an article you have written for an academic institute.

We also will publish “current event” and “media” type submissions, including interviews, updates on world events, etc.  Simply inquire.

Academic and Documentary Submissions

See the Submission Format Guidelines below.  All academic submissions are expected to meet the standards of quality and research of of a university paper.  Only known and published academics will have their articles hosted in the Online Academic Library.  All Documentary articles must draw a distinction between modern rituals (when applicable) and historical heathenism.  They must also demonstrate a solid historical framework for the modern practice being documented.  Citations are necessary.

Poetry Submission Guidelines

Please include the poetic form that you are using at the top of your submission, as well as your full name, and the title of the poem. You can give background to the poem if you want in 1 or 2 paragraphs, but specify whether or not you want the background information to be published. Poetry length can be anywhere under 1000 words.

Prose Submission Guidelines

Please include the title of the work, as well as your name. You can give background to the work if you wish, in 1 or 2 paragraphs, but specify whether or not you want the background information to be published. Prose length should be under 3000 words but we may make exceptions. We just don’t want to receive books.

Craft  and Entertainment Submission Guidelines

Art submissions will only be accepted during contests.
Recipe’s of any sort will be considered.  The guidelines are loose, and simply need to demonstrate consistency.  We will work with you.

Music will also be considered.  We do not have specific guidelines at this time.  Submit and we will consider.

Submission  Format Guidelines

All submissions must accord with the following formatting guidelines in order to be published through Odroerir: The Heathen Journal.

Odroerir: The Heathen Journal is a publication in English, and all submissions must be in English to be considered. If English is your second language and you wish that to be known and considered by the review board, simply say so in your email

There is no word limit per say, but to be considered for a volume, submissions should aim for 5,000-10,000 words, but we can work with you, including releasing your article individually.  Simply let us know.

Citations and Bibliography must follow APA format as provided at Purdue Owl with the exception of our instructions below (for example, we require footnotes instead of In-Text citations).

Don’t trust to follow examples set in Volumes 1 or 2 of Odroerir: The Heathen Journal, as our formatting was less strict at that time.  We understand that occasionally sources are difficult (especially very old sources), so if for whatever reason you deviate from APA, simply be consistent, and let us know.


Submit a Microsoft Word or Word equivalent file.  Do not submit a PDF.

Include your full name and a clear title to your article or story.  We might change your article title or ask that you change it, depending on how specific we feel it is.

Size 12 Times New Roman font for main text.

Size 9 footnotes.

1.5 spacing.

No extra spaces between paragraphs.

We highly recommend that for your own good, you change the font color of everything that you italize to red.  Occasionally we have had submissions lose their italics during the formatting process and we needed to convert them by hand.  If this happens, we will fix it, but only if the font is red.

Do the same with anything you want to be bold but use blue.

Do not use end notes.  Don’t use a different numbering system for comments and citations.  Both belong in regular footnotes.  If you have a comment that you feel doesn’t belong in the body of your text, put it in a regular footnote.  Put citations in regular footnotes.

If you have any questions or are uncertain about how something should be formatted, please ask.  We will gladly help out.

Note: All submissions will be reviewed by the review board. If you get it sent back to you with recommended corrections, do not panic! In fact, it means that we are interested in your article and are strongly considering it. You may get it sent back to you a few times. This is the same exact process that each article that we have published has gone through, and we have all learned tremendously about our own topics through it.
There is no monetary profit to be made by submitting content to Óðrœrir , as Óðrœrir is free to download. The wealth to be gained lies in the strength of your deeds, and in the influence of your words.