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The Winter Goddess: Percht, Holda, And Related Figures


MOST of our knowledge of Germanic myth is derived from the Old Icelandic texts and especially from the Eddas. The Eddic tales centre their attention on the trials and triumphs of the male members of the pantheon and tell us little of the female forces.’ That these wielded power we learn, however, from votive monuments, from the names of […]

We Need To Talk About Gefjun: Toward a new etymology of an Old Icelandic theonym

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The name of a deity often reveals something of their character, and can shed light on obscure elements in the mythology. Unfortunately the prehistory of a word is itself often obscure, and care must be taken not to project a meaning onto a word that was never truly there. The goddess name Gefjun has long […]

Goddesses Unknown I: Njǫrun and the Sister-Wife of Njǫrðr


The present article attempts to fill a gap in modern Old Norse scholarship by presenting overviews of two highly mysterious figures, the apparent goddess Njǫrun and the unnamed wife  and  sister  of  the  major  god  Njǫrðr.  In doing so, this article thematically connects with previous discussion of the Vanir found in earlier issues of RMN Newsletter. Originally Published: […]

Season of the Dísir: Winternights and the Dísablót in Early Medieval Scandinavian Belief


The purpose of this article is to analyse the nature and role of two ancient Scandinavian festivals which are connected to certain female spirits known as the Dísir, one of which is connected with the start of winter (“The Winter Nights”) and the other to the beginning of the spring.  First of all, however, a […]