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The Valknut: Heart of the Slain?

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This essay argues that the triple-triangle symbol commonly known as the valknut represents a heart in at least some contexts. Specifically, it is either the ideal, steady heart of the brave slain hero or that of a worthy adversary, and that the word valknut itself may be a heiti for ‘heart of the slain’. Most […]

An Island in the Middle of An Island: On cult, laws and authority in Viking Age Gotland.


The present-day small village of Roma on Gotland in the Baltic Sea was the physical and symbolic centre of the island in the Iron Age and into Medieval times. Te Cistercian monastery and the meeting place of the island’s assembly, the all-thing, two well-known features of medieval Roma, have often been taken as indications of an egalitarian and non-stratified society […]

Saga Motifs on Gotland Picture Stones: The Case of Hildr Högnadóttir


The Gotland Picture Stones have long aroused interest and admiration, not only among tourists as objects of beauty and casual curiosity, but also among scholars who have been led to speculate about what they were originally intended to signify.  one of the methods used to analyze and interpret the images has been to view them […]