Keywords: Ritual Space

The Background and Nature of the Annual and Occasional Rituals of the Ásatrúarfélag in Iceland


Abstract. This paper is largely based on interviews which were taken with Jörmundur Ingi Hansen, and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, the last two allsherjagoðar (high priests) of the Icelandic Ásatrúarfélag (a society which involves the active worship of the Old Nordic gods). The interviews focused on the nature and background of the rituals and prayers used […]

Germanic Spirituality


Germanic heathenry is under fire from within. Although it is a growing religion, most converts are coming from other religions, and with them, usually unknowingly, they are bringing with them baggage from their former religions which becomes entangled into Germanic cosmology which is eroding that cosmology until it is indistinguishable from any of the hundreds […]

Hof, Halls, Goðar and Dwarves: An Examination of Ritual Space in the Pagan Icelandic Hall


An investigation into the Icelandic hall and farmhouse and it’s role and potential transformation into a sacred space during specific ritual times. Originally Published: (2001). Cosmos. 17:1 (June 2001) Terry Gunnell:

Establishing the Innengard

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As modern heathens who have dedicated our lives to reestablishing the pre-Christian traditions of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we know how important the concept of heathen worldview is.  It’s well understood that in order to develop practices that are rooted in ancient heathen religion, we need to be able to understand and adopt the outlook […]