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The Heroized Dead: People, Animals, and Materiality in Scandinavian Death Rituals AD 200-1000

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Date:August 14, 2014
As an archaeologist, my interpretation of Old Norse religion
is broadly formulated on the basis of the archaeological
evidence, and in the Midgard Project my focus has been
especially on people’s relationship with animals. hus, in
this article the role of animals will be outlined in terms of
lifestyle metaphors, social identities, and cosmological agents
in connection with pre-Christian death rituals. he ways of
burying people have varied in the course of history, and the
archaeological evidence shows that the death rituals have a
long history and can be traced far back in time. A recurrent
theme, however, is the ritualization of animals and material
culture during the pre-Christian era.

Originally Published:
(2007) Old Norse Religion in Long-term Perspectives: Origins, Changes, and Interactions. Anders Andrén, Kristina Jennbert, Catharina Raudvere (eds.). Nordic Academic Press.

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