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Uncovering the Effects of Cultural Background on the Reconstruction of Ancient Worldviews

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Cultural Background
Cultural Background
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Date:September 17, 2014
This paper looks at some of the problems inherent in the reconstructing of ancient worldviews by focusing on the Germanic reconstructionist movement.  Specifically, many of the problems revolve around the idea that modern interpretive efforts are complicated by the fact that most reconstructionists have been borne into and raised within an urban environment where the philosophy of life is based on the herd mentality and a world-rejecting spiritual outlook which interferes with the ability to investigate the ancient worldviews objectively. By being able to isolate and identify these cultural filters, one may choose to broaden the scope of his interpretive powers which may then result in more accurate reconstructions than have been previously available.

Odroerir Note: This article has not been peer reviewed by either Odroerir or an academic party, and is neither an academic article or an Odroerir publication.  We choose to host the article because of the impact that it has had on the dialogue in modern heathenism.

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