Welcome To Our New Website!

September 19, 2014

Welcome to the new website for Odroerir: The Heathen Journal!

We’re really excited about what this website has to offer, and what it will potentially develop into over the next few years.  So excited in fact, that we felt it might be a good idea to offer up an explanation of who we are and what our goal is, as well as a little description of some of the features of this site!  If you already know what we’re about, you should still read this.  It will help with navigating our new home!

Odroerir: The Heathen Journal started as a small project.  A group of people simply wanted to create an online source where people interested in heathenism, be it historical or modern, could go to and not worry about the integrity or validity of that information.  We wanted to be able to take the wonderful discoveries and knowledge locked away in academia, and make that available to anyone who wants to access it, and we wanted to show how heathenism has continued to inspire people and develop and be reconstructed in the modern world.  We felt that there would need to be an honest dialogue between what we know of how heathenism was, and how people choose to use that information today.

So we made a website to host our publications, and we put out two volumes.  Volume I has had 6,320+ downloads on our old host.  Volume II broke 10,000 downloads.  While we are proud of that, and hope that our journal has helped to achieve our original goal, we realized we needed to do something more if we wanted to really become a resource for people, and we needed to streamline in order to do that.

So what is Odroerir: The Heathen Journal today?

We’re still primarily a journal!  We release original material that is peer reviewed for historical accuracy, intended for general readers, particularly those who are interested in reconstructing heathenism. However, we also provide people with the means to access current, relevant academic information directly through scholarly articles, books, and lectures, as well as providing source databases and other credible publications such as free academic periodicals, and even news.  We are a journal, but we are also a resource base.  We have also addressed many of the problems that our readers had.  Namely, that people wanted more regular updates, and something easier than a 200 page PDF to download.  We are now capable of putting out monthly releases!

So without further delay, here is our little explanation of the new site features.

The Homepage

We try to fit as much onto the homepage as possible, so that you can see what we’re up to without much digging.  You can download the newest journal, see our latest news updates, see the latest academic articles added to our Onsite Library, even check out our Featured Articles!  The Featured Articles will change as we get new stuff!

Currently- You can see this article in the Featured Articles, as well as  our freshly completed article, “The Finnish Tradition”.  Check it out!  We previously only published Part I.  For the first time, you can read the entire article.

Odroerir Publications
It’s on our menu, and it’s broken into multiple sections.  We currently have Volume I, Volume II, Independent Articles, Full Volume Archives, and a mysterious “Current Volume”.

Volumes I and II are self-Explanatory.  Go there, download the entire volume if you like, just like on the old site.  We actually recommend that even if you have an old version of Volume’s I and II, that you re-download the new versions!  We’ve done a lot of editing and cleaning up!  Don’t believe us?  Check out Volume I.  No more comics.  We can host comics and news elsewhere on the site.  It also has a cleaner design, and a fresh cover that doesn’t look like a magazine, and a lot of editing fixes.  The same goes for Volume II.  We’ve also included Part II of the article “The Finnish Tradition”- so for those of you who loved part I- now you read the conclusion!

Additionally, you’ll notice that when you click on “Volume I, II” in the menu, you can view not only the full volume, but each individual article contained in that volume.  Every article is now available as part of the full volume, as its own pdf, and as site-readable.  This should help with those bulky pdf issues.  It ALSO makes it very easy for you to share with your friends.  See the little symbols at the bottom of the page?  Facebook? Twitter?  Google+?  If you “like” an article it will share with your friends.  So if you are having a discussion about “symbel” with your friends on facebook, you nolonger need to say “check out this 200 page pdf…somewhere in there is a symbel article.” You can simply link them the symbel article directly!

Current Volume: This is part of the new website concept.  As we receive articles, we will publish them.  So you no longer need to wait a year to get new material.  You’ll get an article maybe once a month.  They will be published right here, in the “Current Volume”.  Why is it called “Current Volume”?  We are essentially building a volume in real time.  When we reach enough articles, we will put them together with art, and a cover, and release it as “Volume III”, which will then be archived beside Volumes I and II!

Full Volume Archive: If you want all the full pdf, download and printable versions of the journals, they’re all found right here.  Currently we only have two volumes, but this will come in handy down the road.

Independent Articles: This section hosts articles that are either too big for our journal volumes, or which are not peer reviewed by ourselves or acadamia, but which we feel has value on our site.  Currently you can find three of Bil Linzie’s articles on “reconstructionism” in this section.

Online Academic Library

Think of our Online Academic Library as exactly that: A massive cyber-library.  In the center of the hub are all the works that we carry on our Onsite Library.  From there, you can see corridors leading to different wings of that library with our External Resources.

Onsite Library: contains books, articles, and even videos by academics who are not affiliated with Odroerir: The Heathen Journal, but who have given us permission to carry their material.  If our library seems limited to you, it’s because it is both legal, and current.  We chose not to carry the works of many scholars which- while in public domain, are simply out of date today.  Our understanding of heathenism has grown since the early 1900’s.  We want to reflect that.

External Resources: Every site linked is free of charge and provides as much if not more publications than we do.  Read the descriptions of each site.  Some are online databases of sagas, poetry, etc.  Others are academic publications.

News and Entertainment

Website updates? New publication announcements? Comic strips?  Something cool we found from another site that we wanted to share?  Interviews?  Relevant world events?  Yep.  It’s all going here.  It will also pop up on our homepage whenever we make a news announcement!

Creativity and Art

While short stories, poetry, and crafting recipes will appear in our journal, we also wanted to give them their own section for people who might be interested in finding a new beer recipe, or reading a short story, or looking at an art gallery.

Editor’s Desk

Read who we are, and what our goal is.
We also have our contact link here for submissions and general inquiry.  Most importantly, we have our submissions guidelines page, which includes details on formatting and guidelines.

Additional Features

Search Function: Looking for an article about Yule?  Search it.  Looking for something by Neil Price? Search his name!

Tags: You just read an article about a Spring Procession taking place in Texas, and you want to read more articles about Modern Heathen Rituals?  Each article has “tags” (Modern heathen rituals, sacred space, cosmology, etc).  Click on one and all articles with that tag will appear.  We’re carefully streamlining the tags to make them as helpful as possible with searching.
Author Name: You can click on an author’s name and all articles by them will appear.  Did you enjoy an article by Terry Gunnell and want to see what else he has?  Click his name and all of his articles that we host will appear.

Twitter and Facebook: We’re using both forms of social media to keep you up to speed with what we are doing.  Every time we release an article, update our website, or have a contest, we will post on our site, twitter, and facebook.  Look to the right of this screen…see that little triple icon?  The F, the bird, and the sonic waves?  Click em!  They’ll take you right to our other social media outlets!  But just in case you don’t trust floating icons:


On behalf of our team, I want to thank you for your support.  We hope you are as excited as we are.

Josh Rood