Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Winter Full Moon Bede

Hear, I tell men | to honor the gods

the far famed ones | favor to good men

high holy powers | our people’s providence


I pray the One-Eyed god | hail the Gallows-Burden

Father of Hosts | God of the Hanged

words I give | for Raven god’s weal


Hail heaven’s warder | holy hammer wielder

fare forth swiftly | friend of men

great in battle | the bane of giants


Hear, I bid | battle-bold Ing

boar-rider | folk-leader

give wealth | and fertile seasons


I pray the One-handed god | leavings of the wolf

proud faith-keeper | prince of temples

mighty glory-god | guide us well


A gift for a gift | good folk true

wealth for men | honor for gods

memory for the dead | and weleful wights


I wield words for | world’s mighty warders

sharing hall joys | just in giving

fair fame | kindly words


Praise and wisdom | we seek in life

Happiness and health | for kith and kin

right action | wide wealth