Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A winged figure from Uppåkra


The paper presents a new find from the Iron Age settlement at Uppåkra in Scania. Cast in the shape of a winged human figure, it measures 7,4cm in length and 4,5 cm in width. It is made out of copper alloy and gilded on all sides including the back. The object shows a figure grasping a pair of wings or a kind of flying device with both hands, or a winged being with a human head. The original function of the object is unclear. Three iron rivets indicate that it served as a mount, but it cannot have been used for long, since it is not worn at all. Other finds with similar decoration and/or the motif of a winged human – mainly a group of sword scabbard chapes – support a date of the Uppåkra mount in the middle or later 10th century AD. Comparing the mount to Medieval written sources, it is argued that the mount is are presentation of Wayland the Smith…

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Michaela Helmbrecht,
Institutionen för arkeologi och antikens historia, Lunds universitet, Box 117 ,SE– 22100 Lund