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The Valknut: Heart of the Slain?

This essay argues that the triple-triangle symbol commonly known as the valknut represents a heart in at least some contexts. Specifically, it is either the ideal, steady heart of the brave slain hero or that of a worthy adversary, and that the word valknut itself may be a heiti for ‘heart of the slain’. Most

Welcome To Our New Website!

Welcome to the new website for Odroerir: The Heathen Journal! We’re really excited about what this website has to offer, and what it will potentially develop into over the next few years.  So excited in fact, that we felt it might be a good idea to offer up an explanation of who we are and

Odroerir interviews Wardruna’s Einar Selvik

Wardruna is probably one of the best known music projects in Heathenism, and for good reason.  Nobody else has yet captured the intense moods and atmospheres that Einar Selvik has managed to encapsulate within the runic concepts of Wardruna’s first installment, Gap Var Ginnunga.  The music is ritualistic, ambient and natural sounding.  The instruments used

Frankish Heathenry: An Introduction

Who were the Franks and what were their pre-Christian roots? This is a question that has caused confusion and headache among those searching for the answers. Even the origin of their name has been hotly debated, although the generally accepted origin of frank is found in the Germanic root *fr-k, which relates this word intimately

The Tale of Ashlad and Redfoks

ONCE ON A TIME there was a king who ruled a newly settled farmstead.  He had many hundred sheep, many hundred goats, many hundred cattle, and many hundred horses he had too.  Silver and gold he had in great heaps. But for all of that, he was so given to grief that he seldom ever

A Snake Story

It was a nice warm early fall day and I was basking on top of Rattlesnake Mountain. It’s one of the easier climbs in the state, something you could do in a few hours and then still make it to the party you had to go to later that day. Or something like that anyway.

Skald Craft: Understanding and Writing Poetry in the Old Norse Meters

Introduction There have been many approaches to the study of Old Norse Poetry.  Modern academia has spent an exhaustive amount of effort in identifying metrical patterns and trends within the lines of the voluminous collected works.  They have asserted sometimes arguable theories varying from simple to complex and from mundane to fantastic.  However (un)interesting the

Beer and Brewing Culture Through the Eyes of a New England Heathen

Back in the mid 90’s, almost a decade before I converted to Asatru, I took up the hobby of home brewing.  Back then, my knowledge of beer in general was very limited, home brewing technology and ingredients weren’t nearly at the level they are today, and not that many people were home brewing. Undaunted and

Some Animal Imagery in Anglian Heathenry

The purpose of this article is to take a brief look at the idea of animal imagery as a representation of and a connection to the Otherworld.  During the 5th to 7th centuries the Germanic settlers of England produced a large amount of artwork depicting animals and mythic beasts, these pieces give us an insight

Tree Cults in Frankish Heathenism

Heathendom can be understood as an interwoven web of relationships that are formed between both individuals within a community and communities with each other, whether of men or holy powers, which express the heathen worldview. These relationships may take any number of forms from gifting, group rituals and all other modes of symmetrical or asymmetrical

Symbel: The Heathen Drinking Ritual?

If there is one thing that links all Heathen practice it is the early medieval drinking ritual “symbel” also known as “sumble”. This tradition is lifted straight from the pages of Beowulf, The Eddas and other Germanic poetry and is a ritual that equally unites and divides the various flavours of modern Heathenry whilst remaining

Establishing the Innengard

As modern heathens who have dedicated our lives to reestablishing the pre-Christian traditions of Scandinavia and Northern Europe, we know how important the concept of heathen worldview is.  It’s well understood that in order to develop practices that are rooted in ancient heathen religion, we need to be able to understand and adopt the outlook

“Heathen”: The Linguistic Origins and Early Context

The modern English word heathen has long been the favorite label used in academic circles to identify the unchristian peoples of western and northern Europe during the Middle Ages.  Among medieval historians it is used more precisely to identify those “Germanic”[1] peoples who still practiced their indigenous religion.  It has also been the title most

Reconstructionism in Modern Heathenism: An Introduction

Over the course of the last decade, the term “reconstructionism”[1] has surged forward as part of a very real movement within American heathenry[2].  The axiom of this movement has been a shift towards an approach that is quite different from those previously advocated in most mainstream circles, and it is helping to redefine and reshape

Women in Heathenry: What We Find Beyond the Literature

Many times the fictitious tales of the sagas conflict with the surviving legal codes and archaeological evidence giving us a hazy picture of reality for women in historical heathenry.  This does not mean we put away the stories of heroic women and erase them from our lore.  Just because there is a conflict between the

The Finnish Tradition: An Introduction

 Table of Contents World View The Cosmic Gods Haltija: ‘The Invisible Nature’ Ukko-Ilmarinen: the Ruler of Wind, Rain, and Thunder Heavenly Bodies: the Sun and the Moon Water Spirits Fire Spirits Land Spirits Forest Spirits Spirits of the House and Farm Field Spirits  Emuu and Animal Beliefs Beer, the Heavenly King of the Forest Sacred

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Óðrœrir is an accumulation of the research and experience of men and women engaged in the reconstruction of the heathen traditions of northern Europe. The journal’s contributors are involved in a grassroots movement in both America and Europe – a movement that encompasses greatly varied cultures, local customs and religious practices.

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Enjoy the inaugural issue of Óðrœrir, the first journal by and for Heathen Reconstructionists. What is a Heathen Reconstructionist, really though? That is perhaps the primary goal of this first issue: to set the pace of what sort of journal this will be, so instead of reading an explanation on it in this note, just

Cult and Identity in Modern Heathenry

The transition from the intellectual effort of reconstructing pre-Christian and conversion-era Germanic worldviews and religiosity to a practical living religion can be a bit of a conundrum for modern heathens.  There are two extremes that find frequent and common commentary in modern heathenry.  On one end of the spectrum is the tendency for reconstructionist heathens

It’s a Man!

With the imminent release of a 200 page journal full of reconstructionist themed material, we figured we would kick things off with a little humor.