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The Acculturation of Scandinavians in England: A Consideration of the Burial Record

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Acculturation In England
Acculturation In England
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Date:September 16, 2014

The portrayal of the ‘Vikings’ as an archetypal barbarian ‘other,’ wreaking death and destruction wherever they went, was already current in the medieval period,but in England the depictions became more extreme in the centuries after the attacks. This paper will focus on the texts and archaeology of ninth- and tenth-century England and argue that in many respects Scandinavians were not as‘other’ as later medieval writers believed. Furthermore, once Scandinaviangroups settled in England the notion of ‘otherness’ appears to have quicklydisappeared. Particular attention will be paid to the burial record as a means of identifying probable Scandinavians, and for evidence of acculturation to Anglo-Saxon Christian burial customs.


Originally Published:
(2013). Journal of the Australian Earls Medieval Association. Vol. 9. The Australian Early Medieval Association Inc.

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