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The Religion of the Vikings

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Hultgard Religion
Hultgard Religion
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Date:September 8, 2014
What will be outlined here are the religious beliefs and rituals of the Scandinavians in the eighth to the eleventh centuries including those who went for trade, plunder or settlement abroad, that is, the ‘vikings’ properly speaking. Some among them were already Christians but the vast majority of the population still clung to their traditional religion. From a modern point of view their religion can be classified äs a ‘non-doctrinal Community religion’ in contrast with the ‘doctrinal transnational religions’ äs represented by Christianity, Buddhism and Islam. Religion was strongly integrated with social life, warfare and subsistence activities, and this means that religious elements can be expected to occur within the total ränge of Viking Age culture and society.

Originally Published:
(2008). “The Viking World”. Stefan Brink, Neil Price (eds.). Routledge.